May M. Chang, DDS
Creating Beautiful Healthy Smiles


I always like to recognize good work when I see it. Everything about the office is excellent. The front office experience, the rooms, and the staff. Of particular importance during a visit is the way the teeth and mouth are treated. I think I've seen Brooke three times now , and I'm willing to say she is the best hygienist that has ever cleaned my teeth. Please extend my special praise to Brooke. She deserves a pat on the back. I commend Dr. Chang for hiring great people. It shows up in your whole experience. No wonder you're in the top dentists in Portland.

J. Mills

Just sending a long overdue note about my dentures: Do they fit? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Any pain yet? No. Have I had any problems? Well....not really except for one. Twice I got them mixed up and put the top one in the bottom, and the bottom one in the top. So to get them to work properly, I had to stand on my head and eat. Ever try to swallow while standing on our head? Water is a real problem! No, everything is just fine. At this point, I couldn't ask for them to be better. Thank you so much Dr. Chang, for such a great job!

V. Schiro

Dental biz: Went to bed early last night after 6 hours in a dental chair...well I must admit, fell asleep or twilight zone... I feel so very good about going in for full dental with a most trusted dentist Dr. May Chang. Embarrassingly, it had been 15 years...the scrape took 3 hours...with a full "freeze" on the gums... I appreciate very much the new practice compared to the old in my childhood what a difference!

Nancy T.

My family has been treated by Dr. Chang and her staff for the last eight years. One of the reasons I am a satisfied and loyal customer of Dr. Chang is her integrity. Recently I had a gold filling that she put in several years ago fail. She put in a crown at her own expense. She thought she could conserve more tooth with the original filling but the situation needed a crown. She stood behind her work. As a small business owner myself, I value that integrity.

Joe A.

Dr. Chang has been my dentist for over ten years. She and her staff are wonderful. Despite having serious dental needs ( that I trust Dr. Chang with implicitly) I always have a good time. Dr. Chang is patient, calm and good to her staff. Her office is professional and comfortable. Thank you for being here!

Teresa M.

You will not find a better dentist in Portland. Dr. Chang and her staff are simply the best!

Mike D.

I am always delighted with the care I receive from Dr. Chang. She and her staff are top notch!

Elona L.

My visits to May (Dr. Chang) have been such positive experiences. Dental work for me has always been a challenge for me on a physical level, so the expert care and attention to my comfort that Dr. Chang gives really makes a difference. I also appreciate how friendly and knowledgable her staff is.

Betsy R.

Dr. Chang is an amazing dentist. She is knowledgeable and patient. She also has one of the best staffs -very friendly and helpful.

Lillian K.

During the nearly twenty years that Dr. Chang and her staff have provided dental care to our entire family, we have always been more than pleased not only with the very high professional standards but also the personal approach May and all her people bring to all their patients. It is rare that we can so unreservedly recommend anyone!

Craig, Lynn, and John L.

Dr. Chang is a most careful and responsive doctor of dentistry. Her whole mouth approach to dental health reduces surprise dental issues. I would recommend her services to any person seeking a dedicated dental professional.

Rob R.

I have relied on Dr. Chang for more than ten years, and have never known a dentist or dental staff more gentle, attentive, and informative than this. I've recommended Dr. Chang to friends, and I actually look forward to my twice-yearly appointments! A gem in Hollywood.

Ted W.
NE Portland

I have received my dental care from Dr. Chang and her capable staff for the past fifteen years. One is fortunate to have technical excellence or a caring/thoughtful environment. I feel I have struck a "gold mine" by receiving technically excellent care from Dr. Chang and her staff as well as being valued as an individual and being treated with dignity, respect and joy.

David K.

Dr. Chang has cared for my husband and I and our three boys for over ten years. She and her staff have provided excellent care and personalized service for the full range of dental issues that arise with a growing family. She has an especially wonderful way with children- having seen our boys from their first baby teeth through braces. She gives unbiased advice and is thorough in considering all circumstances and possible options before recommending a course of treatment. I trust her implicitly. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Tina L.