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September Update

September Update:                                                                 September 7,2020


Dear Patients and Friends,


We may not need to do anymore updates after this, not a lot of news to report.  We are now three months back to work full time and six months into this pandemic.  We have established our new norm at work, and it seems to be working.  We have surprisingly stayed very busy and booked.  No COVID cases coming out of our office.  By what we have been reading in the ADA, ODA, CDC and some dental social media sites, there have not been any recorded outbreaks in dental offices from patient to staff or visa versa.  There have been cases of staff or doctor testing positive from community contact and isolating but we have not heard of any cases transmitted in the dental office if all PPE are being worn by everyone in the office. 

We are continuing to book our cleaning appointments six months out at the same COVID schedule allowing 90 minutes per patient with an extra 30 minutes for our added COVID protocols.  I do not think things will change much in the next twelve months in terms of what we all need to be doing to keep everyone safe.  The masks, social distancing, washing hands, limiting large group gatherings and travel, and good ventilation seem to be working in the communities that are adhering to these basic protocols.  Unfortunately, not everyone wants to follow these basic protocols so cases will continue. 

If you are still hesitant in coming in, please read our reviews by our patients on our website  to see what people have been saying about their visits during COVID.  Our patients have felt safe and reassured at their visits.  I do feel it is important to not put off your dental visits for too long if you have a history of periodontal disease or have heavy build up on your teeth or if you are experiencing any symptoms in your mouth.  We are still experiencing a lot of cracked and broken teeth and TMJ symptoms due to people holding tension in their jaw muscles and clenching their teeth.  Remember to keep your teeth apart, your tongue up and your muscles relaxed.  We can make you a custom nightguard for nighttime clenching or grinding. 

Thank you again for your confidence in us and we appreciate your patronage at our office during this crazy time.  Stay safe and sane. 


May Chang DDS, Kiran Mistry DDS, and staff.



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