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July Update

July 2020 COVID Update                                            June 28, 2020

Hello everyone,

June, our first month back went smoothly.  Thank goodness!  We are getting use to double masking, wearing our face shields and changing our gowns between patients.  The office is set cool to keep us from overheating while we work so bring a jacket or sweater and wear long pants to your appointment.  The extra time between patients we have set aside has been effective in reducing stress, patient contact with other patients, giving us more time to prepare the operatories for the following patient and changing our PPE.  We are getting use to the new routine. 

We are also getting good feedback from our patients who have come in feeling safe with what we have put in place for everyone’s safety.  The fogging between patients and the window fans blowing air out of the operatories have been effective. 

With the new rise in COVID positive patients across our nation, in our state and county, I have new concerns of our safety.  It is disappointing.  I am asking all of you to be honest with our screening questions.  Many of you are being scheduled out a month or more, so I also ask you to be mindful of the two weeks prior to your appointment that you have not traveled or gathered with others than your household without mask use by all and social distanced six feet.  If you have, please reschedule your appointment to a time where you can take these precautions during the two weeks prior to your appointment.  There have been many cases of innocent family gatherings or just meeting up with one acquaintance where the spread has been extensive.  I ask if you are to meet with people, attend any gatherings during the two weeks prior to your appointment to wear a mask, ask those around you to wear a mask, disinfect  your hands before and after, and social distance.  Please think of the potential spread of the virus you may put be putting on others. 

If you are planning any summer travel, please be mindful to not have your dental appointment with us within the two weeks after you return.  We are happy to reschedule if you do decide to take a trip within the two weeks before your appointment.   

Thank you for your support and deciding to come in for your dental needs.  We understand those of you wanting to wait to come in.  We are happy to see you and take care of you the best we can and as safe as we can.  Please consider others in your decision to wear a mask and social distance when you are with others.  We want to make sure we keep everyone’s risk as minimal as possible.  I appreciate your patience and understanding. 


May Chang DDS




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