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Dear Patients,                                                                                                                                                                  

We are excited to be back.  The staff are in good spirits and have been eager to return and see all of you.  We are on our second week and are adapting to our new normal.  From the staff and I, we are so happy to see you all again and do dentistry. 

I thought I would share some of the things we have been busy doing to reopen.  My husband, Jeff has been helping with increasing ventilation in our office.  He has installed window fans in our operatories to draw air out and putting in window screens to open our windows.  We have added HEPNA filter air purifiers in each operatory.  We are changing our return air ducts, adding UV light and new filters in our furnace and air conditioning.  We have added plexiglass barriers in staff work and eating areas. We are continuing our cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization process we have always done plus more with fogging our rooms with HOCL (hypochlorous acid made from electrolysis with water, a little salt and vinegar) to rid aerosols between patients.  HOCL is used in hospitals, nursing homes and in even in-home use for disinfection of your fruits and vegetables in an environmentally safe way. 

Outside clinical areas we are disinfecting common spaces for the staff and patients every hour and keeping the office well ventilated.  We are prescreening and taking temperatures daily of our staff and patients alike and asking our patients to wash their hands before and after their appointments. Patients are pre-rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.  We have scheduled 30 minutes between every patient to minimize contact with anyone other than their care providers and give us more time to clean and change our PPE with each patient.

For your cleanings, we have installed high volume suction use intraorally and extra orally to reduce aerosols in the room and now will be able to use ultrasonic scalers to help clean your teeth and polish your teeth with the polishing paste and rotary cup.  For dental work, we are minimizing aerosols with the use of rubber dams and high-volume suction as we have always done.

We are wearing N95 type masks with a surgical mask over the N95 and face shield which are changed with each patient.  Care providers are changing their gowns with each patient.  Patients are given a surgical mask to use during the procedures and a gown to cover their body in the chair.

We have set up a COVID online questionnaire on your appointment confirmation email for you to fill out and submit prior to your appointment.

Thank you for your support and patience during this time.  We appreciate you and your confidence in us and honestly, getting back to work and seeing you all have been our saving grace. 


May Chang DDS, Kiran Mistry, and Staff. 


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